Optoel – Fiber Optics starts the collaboration with GEHT International

Optoel – Fiber Optics and GEHT International agreed to collaborate to sell a broad range of photonics products which includes:

In addition, they will collaborate to grow GEHT Marketplace – a global online marketplace for new and pre-owned lasers and optoelectronics products.
By combining tens of years of experience in the field of photonics, they focus on technologies that improve the customers’ product performance, quality and help them to reduce the cost of their BoM.

Optoel - Fiber Optics

About Optoel – Fiber Optics

By combining the extensive expertise in photonics science, industry and academia, OPTOEL – Fiber Optics help companies, universities and research organizations to design, improve or optimize their optical fibers or optical fiber applications: amplifiers, lasers, light sources, sensing products. 

About GEHT International
GEHT International Ltd is a leading channel partner for high power lasers, optical fibers, fiber laser components and photonics instrumentation. It is headquartered in Hong Kong while European Union, Turkey, Israel, Norway and Switzerland sales operations are run from Helsinki, Finland. Representing industry leaders such as CorActive High-Tech Inc., Han’s TCS, Optizone, Amonics, Raysung and LightComm, GEHT International Ltd has built expert know-how to provide its customers with a range of technologically most advanced solutions.

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