Optical Fiber Design

Based on your fiber specifications, or fiber application specifications, we can provide you with the detailed design: material composition, refractive index profile, dimensions, even the recommended manufacturing technology. Our modelling and simulation capabilities will predict the fiber parameters and behavior in various conditions: absorption and emission spectra, monomod/multimod propagation, cutoff wavelength, dispersion, nonlinear thresholds, etc.

Fiber Amplifiers Design

We can fully design the optical engine of optical amplifiers and ASE sources. Based on your specs we can recommend the active fiber type, fiber specs, amplifier topology, passive components, pump sources. Using the most accurate simulation tools we will predict the product performance: amplification, distortion, noise, power conversion efficiency, nonlinear thresholds, etc.

Fiber Laser Design

We can fully design CW and Q-switched optical engines for fiber lasers. Based on your specs we can select the active fiber type structure and composition, laser topology, specify the passive components and select the pump source. The CW and transient simulations will provide realistic predictions for the laser behavior: power conversion efficiency, wavelength and power tuning range, noise, etc.