Modelling and Simulations of Rare Earth Doped Fibers, Amplifiers and Lasers


Accurate models and powerful simulation tools are critical elements to increase the speed-to-market and reduce cost for new fiber based products. More in-depth analysis is presented in this article from Photonics Spectra.

Our advanced doped fiber models includes:

  • Singlemode and multimode beam propagation
  • Bidirectional propagation
  • Double cladding structure
  • Real beam profile
  • User-defined refractive index and doping profiles
  • Ions clustering effects
  • Fiber bending effects
  • Brillouin and Raman scattering thresholds
A broad range of models for passive components and laser sources are also available: WDMs, couplers, isolators, fiber Bragg gratings, filters, attenuators, connectors, etc.


Out simulation capability includes:

  • 3D+time calculation for optical powers and inversion levels inside the active fibers
  • Any system topology
  • Calculation of optical powers in any point of the system for bidirectional beams.
  • Iterative calculations
  • Monte Carlo analysis

Please let us know what system you would like to simulate.