Mircea Hotoleanu Ph.D.

I started with electrons, then I continued with photons. So, it really makes sense that I end up loving lasers.

For 10 beautiful years I was teaching Electronics and Optoelectronics at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. Done my Ph.D. as well. It was on modelling and simulation of fiber amplifiers and lasers.

Then I moved to the most exciting company one can find in early 2000s, if one wanted to fully immerse into the cutting edge speciality optical fiber technology: Liekki Oy, on the shore of the serene Lohja lake, not far from Helsinki.

Later, the destiny of this nest of smart creatives was took over by a bigger fish – not from lake, but over the ocean: nLight.

Today I am combining my extensive expertise in fiber optics science and industry, with academic and software development. I help companies to optimize their optical fibers products, design optical fiber amplifiers and lasers. Also, I provide training material and training sessions for their employees.

So, if you find something interesting to talk with me, please do not hesitate to drop me a line or comment my blog and presentations.